Bug-munching MINI's πŸ’Ž Cultivo Exclusive

  • Get ready for some wild plant parenting!

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Β They're cute...They're adorable...They're irresistible...They're collectable....

They ARE Bug-munching MINI's

Mini me's

  • Earlier this year, we joined forces with growers and carni connoisseurs around the world to offer you a brand new Cultivo exclusive product in our GROW-YOUR-OWN range.Β  12-18 months is what it takes and we appreciate the love that goes into growing each of these adorable plants

The magical mystery

  • In true Cultivo style, we always aim for unique (and boutique).Β  Offering you the very best variety possible, plants in the Bug-munching Mini's - singles per species range are sourced from various suppliers across the globe.Β  Being mostly seed grown, hybrids are certainly possible (even probable) and it will not be possible for us to attach a specific ID or cultivar name to each species in the Bug-munching MINI's - Singles per species range...The one with the menacing teeth is a most definitely a venus flytrap and the one with the sticky, gooey glue? Oh, that is an insect-chowing sundew of courseπŸ˜‰
  • As always, carni connoiseurs and collectors are at the heart of Cultivo.Β  Looking for something extra special? Check outΒ Bug-munching MINI's for connoisseursΒ > The full Bug-munching mini range is now also available with labels....ID's...cultivars...location data...the works!

The perfect in-betweenerΒ 

  • Bug-munching MINI's are 1-3cm starter plants and are designed to give you a 1-2 year head start on raising carnivorous plants from seed which in most cases require special conditions plus a bucket load of patience
  • These adorable plants make excellent gifts and can be raised as a little plant family, potted up in your very own Bug-munching carnivorous plant bog>>> Check out our video tutorial here or mounted on wood and rocks adding some carnivorous plant magic to your planted terrarium - no matter how you use them, we recommend repotting them from the starter pots after 3-4 months

Oooohhhh...Tell me more!

  • Bug-munching MINI's are currently available in different collection setsΒ for indoor-, outdoor and terrarium growing as well as species-specific singles to add to your existing plant collection or bog
  • To squander-the-wonder, collection sets are put together by our plant experts: each set includes 3 different carnivorous plant species from the Bug-munching Mini - singles per species range
  • Plants for the various collection sets are hand picked from the complete range.Β  The deciding factor being plants that will grow well together as they have similar light, water- and drainage requirementsΒ