All about South Africa's MUNCHIEST online carnivorous plant nursery


  • Cultivo is a family run, internet-based plant nursery, specialising in carnivorous plants.  We are based in Centurion, Pretoria


    • THE DREAM:
      • Cultivo was established in 2016. What started out as a personal hobby many moons ago, the carni's have not only taken over our hearts, souls and lives but ultimately, also space.  Our venture has since expanded into a fully functional internet-based plant nursery with many happy customers across the globe and a leading specialist carnivorous plant supplier in South Africa and beyond
    • THE GOAL:
      • We aim to make all of your carnivorous plant dreams come true and offer a humongous range of top quality carnivorous plants, seeds, premixed carnivorous plant soil, planted gifts and related growing supplies to help you build your carnivorous plant collection
      • Our online store features over 700 tantalising products related to the carnivorous plant world. Following the menu options you will find a mouthwatering variety of live carnivorous plants, an extensive range of fresh, carnivorous plant seeds as well as growing media and related growing supplies
      • Cultivo specialises in all things carnivorous. With our product selection, we believe that there is something for everyone at Cultivo - whether you are a novice grower who just got bitten by the carni-bug or an experienced grower looking to expand your existing collection by adding that rare cultivar, we trust that you will find something that catches your eye
      • We love to support small businesses and in order to spread the carni love, we regularly offer specials on selected plants on our webstore, as well as wholesale options and great discounts on live plants for our resellers during the winter months - Not a reseller yet? Don't miss out, get in touch with us to set up a meeting and join the Cultivo team, we'd love to meet with you and discuss your needs
      • At Cultivo we pride ourselves in quality and variety, aimed at the ultimate plant connoisseur, hand-picked from the cream-of-the-crop
      • We therefor do not stock large quantities of any specific species or variety but rather focus on putting a complete range of beginner plants, rare cultivars, scarce species and those hard-to-find collector plants, up for sale
      • Get expert advice and growing tips from those with first hand experience.  We would love to debunk the general myth that carnivorous plants are difficult to grow.   We (obviously) strongly disagree with this statement and soon you will too
      • While some species may test your patience, and others may be a little more challenging to grow, there are many carnivorous plant species that are easier to grow than a..uhm...plastic succulent!  Most carnivorous plant species simply need sufficient light, mineral-free water, the correct soil, and a friendly greeting each morning, to thrive  
      • We want you to succeed! Depending on your growing environment and level of expertise, we can make suggestions on suitable plant selections and we will teach you how to grow these fascinating plants in our fantastic South African climate. Keep an eye out for Q&A Live sessions, answering your questions, via our Facebook page
      • We specialise in everything carnivorous and aim to provide you with the largest variety carnivorous plant species and varieties, that South Africa has to offer
      • Being carnivorous plant growers ( addicts) ourselves, we understand the need for attention-to-detail.  At Cultivo, quality is our top priority and customer care is of utmost importance.  Start out as a client and become family - after all we can't be alone on da dark side 😂
      • To be the cool kid on the block and (undoubtedly) the envy of your friends, we often also list additional rare and unique species as well as imported plants from our private collection to add to that boutique mystique, so be sure to check in regularly so you do not miss out on these once-off deals
      • Pre-orders @ Cultivo is another new feature that was introduced back in 2018.  In this exciting Cultivo-exclusive venture you are sure to pick up some rare cultivars, vulnerable species and super special plants with location data not found anywhere else
      • This is also an excellent opportunity for carnivorous plant collectors to add more carni-magic to your collection and the monstrous selection in Pre-orders @ Cultivo will undoubtedly make your heart skip a beat


      • Place your order via our user-friendly online store and get your favourite carnivore sent straight to your door or collect at your local PostNet branch.  For your convenience, we also offer collections of online orders from our partners at the Strawberry pot garden centre located in Wierdapark, Centurion
      • For viewing and in-store shopping drop in at Strawberry pot for our plant display, feast your eyes on a hand picked selection of our plants and stock up on our tailored carnivorous plant soil and distilled water
      • Via our online store, we offer a complete range of payment- and shipping options to make your shopping experience at Cultivo easy and enjoyable
      • Check out the FAQ section for some frequently asked questions and should you have any other order or product queries, contact us via the messenger button on the bottom right - we are only an Email or Whatsapp message away to assist 


      We appreciate your support! Thank you for shopping at Cultivo Carnivores and most of all ... Happy Growing!!


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