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GROWING SUPPLIES: Heating mat * Limited - only available while stocks last!

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  • Features:
  • Besides keeping reptiles happy, heat mats also have many uses in the horticultural world 
  • The main factors that will influence germination rate of plant seeds are warmth, humidity and light.  Most seeds will only germinate when the temperature of the growing medium around them is favourable
  • Heating pads are used to ensure a constant soil temperature, resulting in higher germination rates than when used without
  • Applying heat below the propagation tray will increase soil temperature which aids in germination, ensure a healthy root system and extend the growing season
  • Great for terrariums, propagation trays, seedlings, vegetables, flowers and of course carnivorous plant seeds
  • Product specifications:
    • Ultra thin design
    • Easy to clean
    • Provides safe and even heat distribution
    • Available in 7 sizes
    • Fitted with a standard 2-pin plug, no adapter needed
    • Each unit is tested, resealed and sold in the original packaging
    • Suitable for humid environments but not in or under water

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Seeds & heating mat

Very well packaged with detailed instructions really impressed. Now we wait🤩 for the seeds to grow. Havent tested the mat yet but sure it will be perfect Verified Reviews Badge
Verified Reviews
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