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Hydroponic Smart Herb Garden (with built-in timer) > Great for indoor carnivorous plants!

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No growing space outdoors?
GREAT for indoor carnivorous plants * PERFECT for starting seeds
See how the hydroponic smart garden can transform your world 
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 Now anyone can grow carnivorous plants!

Hydroponic Smart Herb Garden (with built-in timer)

Seller description:
  • Produce your own herbs and micro greens indoors all year round with our Hydroponic Smart Garden. Furthermore this clean, compact hydroponic system takes up minimal space and looks good too
  • Grow fresh, healthy, organic herbs all year through using the latest hydroponic technology
  • LED grow light with built in timer
  • 100% soil free gardening
  • Sprout your own herbs indoors all year round!
  • The plants control their own water absorption
  • Herb seeds included
  • Great for anyone who enjoys healthy cooking and fresh produce
  • Easy to use and maintain with full instructions included
  • Soilless cultivation – simply cut and use. No washing required
  • Hydroponic water basins allow plants to regulate their own water intake
  • LED Grow light feeds the plant with all necessary light requirements
  • Each unit comes complete with a built in LED grow light with timer, a basin body with two planting pots, 2 planting covers, an add water indicator, a power indicator, power cable, plant growing medium and fertiliser

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