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SEEDS: Purple Pitcher > Sarracenia Purpurea ssp venosa loc Reedy Creek, Caroline Co. - hand pollinated


Options: One packet incl 10 Seeds (Seeds Only)

One packet incl 10 Seeds (Seeds Only)

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  • Sarracenia Purpurea Venosa (Reedy Creek, Caroline Co.)
    • 10 x premium purple pitcher plant seeds 


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Our Seeds


  • These are fresh seeds harvested within the last two seasons, and either imported from trusted private growers and nurseries or harvested from our own plants
  • With so many imitations online, all our seeds are genuine carnivorous plant seeds - We guarantee it
  • Starting and nurturing your very own carnivorous plant jungle can be very rewarding and most of the seed available on the store have been tested on germination in our own seedling chamber
  • Growing carnivorous plants from seed requires a lot of patience
  • Sarracenia seed will need 4-6 weeks cold stratification
    • This can be accomplished by sowing your seeds in a protected area outdoors during winter or by cold stratification in the fridge
    • Under optimal conditions, sarracenia seed usually germinates within 6-8 weeks after cold stratification and seedlings may take 5 or more years to reach maturity
  • As this process is mostly a waiting game, it is mostly recommended for the adventure carnivorous plant enthusiast 

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      Sowing Guide


      • Our recommended sowing instructions are available in the FAQ section, however doing some research on required growing conditions, before making your purchase, would be in your favour
      • Due to a range of factors we can not guarantee germination, but we can guarantee one of the most important factors with regards to germination rate:  FRESH SEEDS
        • When available the harvest date will be recorded on the seed packet

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        • Seeds only:
          • Seeds are freshly packed and sent as a bubble-wrapped small parcel to minimise damage from carriers
          • Seed kits:
            • Don't know where to start?
            • Why not order a sarracenia seed kit to get you started
              • This tailored starter pack is available via our online store and is sold separately
              • The seed kit contains all the supplies you'll need to sow your seeds - Just follow the simple instructions included in the starter pack
              • Add water, warmth, light and a touch of patience and you're all set

          Order your corresponding seed starter pack


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          • Seedkits and Growing media are available to South African customers only 
          • Kindly note that a maximum of 1 complete seed kit can be sent via the small parcel courier or PAXI option;
            • For 2 or more seed kits, we advise on making use of one of the other shipping methods, or combine with another order to save on costs

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