• Cultivo Carnivores is an internet-based, carnivorous plant nursery managed from Centurion. Our website serves as a complete catalogue and all of our sales are managed via our online store
  • For your convenience, we offer 2 methods for placing an order with us:
    • Shop online and have your favourite carnivore sent straight to your door and settling into it's new home before you can say SNAP!
    • The Strawberry pot nursery stocks a selected range of our plants and products
    • Additionally, we regularly attend events and host open days and practical workshops with point of sale purchases - READ MORE on these here
  • According to customer feedback, most of our clients find the online store convenient and easy to use; however, if you are new to the online shopping experience, we have a complete tutorial below on how to place your order via our online store

    The HOME Page

    • Our web store is optimised for desktop- as well as smart phone users.  We will use a smart phone for this tutorial
    • The HOME screen has some inviting welcome notes and colourful featured categories on display, however, the real magic happens behind the main MENU and sub-menu tabs
      • Our online store consist of a main MENU with various sub-menus which are categorised into Live plant categories (species and varieties), plant seed, related growing supplies, gifts and other awesome resources such as care information, books to purchase and recommended web sources
        • The full list of categories (sub-menus) can be found behind the main MENU tab on the HOME page
      The main menu is located in the top left corner of the home screen
      • For this example we will place an order for a mean-looking venus flytrap.  From the Home screen, locate the MENU tab, then tap the drop down sub-menu in the Live plants category and scroll down to view the different species, in this case:  Venus Flytraps (Dionaea Muscipula) - Yes, the botanical name is a mouthful😉
      Select the live plant category by clicking on the downward arrow


      Species are listed behind the menu > live plants tab
        • In the Live Plants > Venus Flytrap CATEGORY we have different venus flytrap VARIETIES on offer (each variety has it's own unique characteristics, for example some flytraps have more menacing teeth, jagged teeth, long teeth, jaws teeth, giants varieties, redder, greener, bigger, smaller.....taller...........you get the idea)
      In this category we will find different venus flytrap varieties
        • Click on the product image (in this case the VENUS FLYTRAP: Mixed Giants image) to enter the PRODUCT PAGE

      The Product Page

        • Each plant product page includes the price, sizes currently available, an option for potted or bareroot plants and representative images of the selected product
        • Plant images are always of our own plants - please note that images represent plants in full summer growth in optimal conditions and will not display their full potential during and a couple of weeks after winter dormancy (Read more on what to expect during winter dormancy)
        • In the product listing, you will find the options mentioned above as well as tabs for
          • a product description,
          • information on how you will receive your plant and
          • a quick care guide
        • Hmmm, looks good....  Let's add one of these to the shopping basket
      Ready? Let's do some online shopping
        • To place an order, use the drop-down menu in the product page to first select the plant size (Only sizes currently in stock will be available)
      Click the downward arrow to select the plant size
      • Next, we need to know how you would like to receive your plant.  Unless otherwise stated plants are available as either potted or bareroot for those who wish to use their own carnivorous plant soil - more details can be found in the Potted vs Bareroot tab
      How would you like to receive your plant - potted or bareroot?
        • Once you have selected the size and option, add your selection to the shopping basket by clicking Add to shopping cart

      Add your selection to the shopping cart

        • From here you can either continue browsing or proceed to a summary of the items in your shopping cart by clicking on 'View cart' or the shopping cart icon
      View the items in your shopping cart
        • Review the items in your cart and proceed to the checkout page 
      Review the items in your cart and continue to checkout 

      Completing the Checkout Process

        • At the first checkout page - enter your address and contact details
          • You will still need to enter a full address even if you intend to collect your order from us instead of having it sent
          • Enter the name of your nearest Postnet branch
          • For parcels sent via the courier, a full street address will be required, we can not courier plants to PO Box addresses
        Enter your account details and shipping information
        • After you have entered your account details and shipping address, continue to the shipping and delivery method
        Continue for collection details and shipping options
        Shipping Methods
          • Use the radio button to select the preferred shipping method for your order
          • For each order we offer shipping via Postnet or courier.  Fees are calculated according to the size (volumetric weight) of the parcel and will display accordingly
          • If you intend to get your order sent via Postnet, please ensure that you have entered the nearest PostNet branch on your account to avoid any delays
          • A customer collect option is also available at a minimal fee for those who wish to collect their orders instead.  Once processed, orders are usually ready for collection within 72 hours from the Strawberry pot nursery in Centurion 
          Select your shipping option - Postnet courier or collect

            • Once you have selected the shipping method, scroll down to Continue to payment method
            Continue to payment method to complete your order

            Payment Methods

            • In this section, use the radio button to select your preferred payment method
                • If you select the online payment option via Payfast you will automatically be redirected to complete your payment
                • Payfast is an independent 3rd party payment provider we primarily use to facilitate instant EFTs and online card payments


                • Select DIRECT EFT for our banking details
                • Secure your order by completing DIRECT EFT's within 72 hours
                • Note that orders are only released once payment reflects in our bank account
            Use the radio button to select the payment method
            • Once you have selected the payment method, scroll down to Complete order 
            Complete your order as confirmation
            • Tap the complete order button to confirm and an order confirmation e-mail will be sent to your registered e-mail address
            • That's it! You're done!
            One moment while we confirm your order
            The Thank You Page
            • The Thank You ....(name) page serves as confirmation that we have received your order
            • Take note of your order number for future correspondence and if you will be collecting your order at the nursery
            • Payment details will appear here
            The thank you page serves as confirmation of your order
            Communication and order progress updates
            • We believe in clear communication, so keep an eye on your e-mail inbox as we will send you updates while your parcel makes it's way to you
            • Once your order is received, you will receive an e-mail as confirmation.  We will now review the items in your order, and as soon as all the products are confirmed we will send you a second e-mail with Shipping / Collection details followed by a third email when your order is complete and either ready for collection or sent via courier or Postnet
            • The order status page are updated in real time as we process your order.  For any information on your current order status, collection details and/or tracking number, scroll down to any of the progress update emails and click the blue 'Track your order' button
            order status
              • We send orders every day of the week - for full details and pricing on the various shipping options please visit our Shipping Guidelines
              • We aim to make your visit to our online plant nursery as easy and pleasurable as possible.  If you have any suggestions on how we can improve your shopping experience, why not send us an e-mail, we'd love to you hear from you