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FAQ: We live in Bloemfontein, do you send plants via the Post Office?

  • No, delivery times via SAPO are at times very unpredictable - due to the fragility of your parcel we do not send live plants via this method
  • Parcels to main centers (such as Bloemfontein) are usually delivered within 2-3 days 
  • Due to frequent service disruptions over the last couple of months we have decided to discontinue the South African post office service for shipments and replaced it with PEP's shipping service called PAXI
    • Seeds can be sent via PAXI, but
    • we prefer live plants to be delivered and settling into their new home as soon as possible 
  • For live plants we offer 2 shipping methods:
    • No matter where you are in South Africa - a flat rate courier to your door service, and 
    • We also send live plants to Postnet branches nationwide in which you may collect your parcel at your convenience 
  • Prices are determined by parcel size, and the various shipping methods are available at checkout

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