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Rainbow Plant:  Byblis Liniflora for sale | Buy carnivorous plants and seeds online @ South Africa's leading online plant nursery, Cultivo Carnivores

RAINBOW PLANT: Byblis Liniflora

  • R200.00 ZAR

Byblis liniflora is widely distributed through the Kimberley region of Western Australia and extending into the Northern Territory

Glittering and often delicate, Byblis (also known as rainbow plants), can sometime appear as frosted sprays of water, and in sunlight can sparkle with multicolored hues

Byblis liniflora grows naturally as an annual, but can be kept as a biennial if not left to flower and grown in optimal conditions such as a terrarium. It grows easily up to 20-30cm, but then can't support it's vertical weight and topples over

Since these plants grow as annuals, they must flower the same year that they germinate in order to produce sufficient seeds for the next year. The first flowers appear when the plant is just a few months old, and seed is usually produced without manual intervention

  • Collection:  
    • Your plant will be potted in a 9cm round plastic pot, they're currently around 5-10cm in height and will need support as they grow taller. Some of these plants are flowering
  • Sent via courier:  
    • These plants are very fragile, and due to their height will be sold as 'Collection Only'. No shipping available


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Byblis Liniflora

What a beauty. The first Byblis in my growing collection of carnivorous plants. A stunning, healthy little plant that is already forming flowers. Therese always willing to give good, welcome advice on the care and growing tips for the plants she sells. Thank you! Super doing business with Cultivo Carnivores. Can highly recommend to any carnivorous enthusiast! Verified Reviews Badge
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