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COLLECTORS ITEM 🌟 Nepenthes Ovata * Borneo Exotics 📏 3-5cm > Exact plant pictured

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  • a Single carefully selected clone out of micropropagation from Borneo Exotics.  For those following, this individual is sold under code BE-3919
  • Growing conditions:  Highland
  • Available either bareroot or potted, this is a once-off collectors item and you will receive the exact plant pictured - images of mature plants and pitchers are for display purposes only and are supplied by ©Borneo Exotics - All rights are reserved
Seller description 
  • Beautiful large pitchers with flared dark red or purple peristome. On mature plants there is a characteristic hook-shaped appendage on the undersurface of the lid
  • History: Back in 2006 we introduced this species under BE-3133 as a random selection from 24 clones out of micropropagation. In April 2018, we selected the clone we considered to be the best and launched it under BE-3919.  Only a very few batches were available over the following two years , with the last posted in March 2020. It was then unavailable for 1 ½ years until it appeared for the first time on the shop in Sept 2021 when it sold out immediately. It last returned for April 2022
  • We carefully selected this clone out of an original 24 clones to be as representative of the species as possible

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