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BATFLOWERS: Tacca Chantrieri (Black Bat flower)

 Don't BAT an eye  

About the black batflower

  • Tacca Chantrieri is native to Southeast Asia and is often referred to as cat's wiskers, voodoo flowers or devil flowers
  • This plant however, is best known as the black batflower, named for its very unique black coloured flower that resembles a bat in flight
  • Tacca Chantrieri grows from underground rhizomes and produces large-green leaves and long-stemmed flowers
  • In its native habitat, batflowers grow in well drained soil which is partially shaded by tree canopies
  • Tacca Chantrieri is frost sensitive and will thrive in warm areas with high humidity

Great! What's the DEAL:

  • Whether you are looking for seedlings, near flowering sizes or a Batflower package with different sizes, we've got you covered

Love it! Where do I buy one?

  • Take advantage of this special offer and own your very own black batflower today
  • Note that we do not stock bat flowers at Cultivo's premises and is therefor not available via our webstore.  Instead, these remarkable plants are available on special order and sold directly from the supplier.  Contact Amy at 0741172815 or e-mail her at for current availability and to place your order 
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