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BATFLOWERS: Tacca Chantrieri (Black Bat flower)

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 Don't BAT an eye  

About the black batflower

  • Tacca Chantrieri is native to Southeast Asia and is often referred to as cat's wiskers, voodoo flowers or devil flowers
  • This plant however, is best known as the black batflower, named for its very unique black coloured flower that resembles a bat in flight
  • Tacca Chantrieri grows from underground rhizomes and produces large-green leaves and long-stemmed flowers
  • In its native habitat, batflowers grow in well drained soil which is partially shaded by tree canopies
  • Tacca Chantrieri is frost sensitive and will thrive in warm areas with high humidity

Great! What's the DEAL:

  • We know the people, who knows the people, who has a very special offer for you on these remarkable plants:
    • Seedlings start from as little as R20 each if you buy 10 or more, or
    • get a Three-year old plant (which will flower next season) priced from R350 or better yet,
    • for R1500, get a fantastic deal on purchasing a whole Batflower package.  This monstrous package includes
      • 10 batflower seedlings
      • 5 Three-year old (near-flowering size) plants 
      • PLUS a large flowering size plant

Love it! Where do I buy one?

  • Take advantage of this special offer and own your very own black batflower today
  • We do not stock bat flowers at our premises and in order to keep costs down, these remarkable plants are sold directly from the supplier
  • For more information, contact Amy at 0741172815 or e-mail her at to place your order
  • Batflowers will be shipped bareroot via courier or Postnet branches nationwide, at the buyers expense

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