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PYGMY DROSERA GEMMAE: Drosera sp. Lake Badgerup for sale | Buy carnivorous plants and seeds online @ South Africa's leading online plant nursery, Cultivo Carnivores

PYGMY DROSERA GEMMAE: Drosera sp. Lake Badgerup

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Gemmae season 2020 is now closed


  • Drosera xLake Badgerup - 10 Fresh gemmae 


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    • Gemmae are modified leaves only found on pygmy drosera and are generally only available during the autumn and winter months
    • These modified leaves act as a live seed or tiny seedling and usually germinates much quicker than ordinary carnivorous plant seeds
    • Fresh gemmae are packed in between wet paper towels to stay moist during shipping
    • As with our other seed orders gemmae are shipped in a padded envelope for protection


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        • Sow gemmae as soon as it arrives as they do not store well 
        • Spread gemmae on fresh carnivorous plant soil or pre-moistened long fiber sphagnum moss and use a fine mist spray with clean water to ensure proper contact with the soil
          • Choose gemmae placement carefully as pygmy drosera have very fragile roots and are not fond of root disturbance and repotting
        • Fill a tray with approximately 0.5-1 cm reverse osmosis- or distilled water to keep the soil moist, and grow in a protected area with a couple of hours morning sun or bright artificial light
        • Pygmy drosera gemmae usually germinates within 2-4 weeks if conditions are favourable
        • Follow the guidelines in our general sowing instructions if you are new to carnivorous plants from seed


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            • Seeds only:
              • Gemmae are freshly packed and sent as a bubble-wrapped small parcel to minimise damage from carriers
              • Seed kits:
                • Don't know where to start?
                • Why not order a sundew seed kit to get you started
                  • This tailored starter pack is available via our online store and is sold separately
                  • The seed kit contains all the supplies you'll need to sow your seeds - Just follow the simple instructions included in the starter pack
                  • Add water, warmth, light and a touch of patience and you're all set

              Order your corresponding seed starter pack


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              • Seed kits and growing media is available to South African customers only
              • Kindly note that a maximum of 1 complete seed kit can be sent via the small parcel courier or PAXI option;
                • For 2 or more seed kits, we advise on making use of one of the other shipping methods, or combine with another order to save on costs


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