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Cultivo's Custom Savage Gardens (Bogs) 🔥 Client's choice > made to order

Display your bug biting plants in your very own bog-style savage garden, filled with menacing carnivorous plants

  • Savage Gardens make excellent gift ideas and are made to order to suit your growing environment and level of expertise - prices will depend on bog size and species or variety of plants you select.  We often stock ready made savage gardens closer to the Christmas holidays.  Each of these are unique and none of them look alike, adding to our carni boutique mystique

How does it work?

  • Custom made: Client's choice:
    • You as the client may select your own plants from our currently available plants to fit your budget
  • As a pricing example:
    • The client selects currently available plants from our online store catalogue for the standard sized planters
    • The quote breakdown will consist of the plants you have selected, the cost of the bowl or planter and the appropriate growing media to fill it
    • We do not charge for the assembly time and labour involved
    • Custom shipping and delivery rates apply
  • In order to assist best we will also need to know a little more about your growing conditions ie, where you intend to grow your new savage garden.  You can send us a message via the online store, email us at or contact Therese at 064 628 9497 with your plant preferences and budget and we will get back to you with a quote and additional recommendations if needed

What would you suggest?

  • Featured are images of previous projects for some inspiration.  The round bowls pictured here are 15cm in diameter and fits perfectly on a standard windowsill. We can also create savage gardens in 16cm and 18cm hanging bowls, 15cm windowsill planters as seen in the 'fairy garden' and 30cm windowboxes as seen in 'Prehistoric'
  • As a suggestion, venus flytraps, most sundews, purple pitchers, trumpet pitchers and terrestrial bladderworts grow well together.  Due to the different light and drainage requirements, various tropical pitchers can be potted up together while mexican butterworts will also go on their own.  Sun pitchers and cobra lilies both require very bright light and cool roots and are the perfect duo for high end collectors, add terrestrial bladderworts for some added flair 
  • We recommend max. 5 small plants (excl bladderworts or live sphagnum moss) per mini bog, 8-10 for maxi bogs and 10-15 small plants for mega bogs - Let us know if you prefer a specific bowl or window box setup 
  • Plants are subject to seasonal availability - generally we will be able to add anything that is currently available on the online store.  Keep in mind temperate plants will appear very small during the colder winter months due to dormancy, filling out during the growing season (spring-summer)

How long does it take?

  • Allow 1-2weeks during wintertime and 3-6 weeks for assembly and settling of plants during summertime 

Due to the fragile nature of the planter, savage gardens will need extra special care with regards to packaging and is not suitable for shipping.  Savage gardens are therefore only available for collection from Strawberry pot or hand-delivered within A 50km radius of Centurion CBD - custom rates apply

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