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SEEDS: Sundew > Drosera Auriculata loc Manawatu Gorge for sale | Buy carnivorous plants and seeds online @ South Africa's leading online plant nursery, Cultivo Carnivores

SEEDS: Sundew > Drosera Auriculata loc Manawatu Gorge

  • R85.00 ZAR

** Tuberous **

  • 1 Seed Envelope containing 10 Seeds
  • A delicate green carnivorous plant with lower leaves in rosette. Flowers are white or pink - usually flowering in spring and summer. Grows in erect stems covered with sticky hairs

  • These are fresh seeds imported from a trusted private grower
  • All our seeds are genuine - We guarantee it
  • Growing carnivorous plants from seeds can be very rewarding and most of the seeds available on the store have been tested on germination in our own seedling chamber
  • Growing carnivorous plants from seed takes patience and is recommended for the adventure CP grower, most require light and humidity and some are seasonal growers 
  • Tuberous Drosera seed is best planted in summer or early fall since these species are winter growing - As long as tplants are kept cool and get lots of light, they are very tough and easy to grow. Most can take light frost. But temperatures above 25°C can cause them to die back and could kill seedlings. Germinating your seeds: Grown inside - keep in a 10°C to 20°C temperature range until you get germination. The seeds appear to require cycling temperatures or temperatures in the middle of that range to germinate
  • Our recommended sowing instructions for drosera seed can be found >HERE<, however doing some research on growing conditions first, before buying would be in your favour

  • Please note: Due to a range of factors we can not guarantee germination, but we can guarantee fresh seeds - When available the harvest date will be recorded on the seed packet


  • Seeds Only:
    • Sent as a bubble wrapped small parcel via SAPO registered mail to minimise damage from sorting machines. A small parcel-courier option is also available at checkout
  • Seed kits:
    • Don't know where to start? Why not order a sundew seed kit to get you started. This tailored starter pack is available on our online store and is sold separately. The seed kit contains a growing chamber and species specific germination media. Additionally, the weblink to our recommended sowing instructions will be sent via e-mail on fulfilment of your order

Order your corresponding seed starter pack

Please note that a maximum of 5 Seed Kits can be sent via the small parcel courier or registered mail option - for 6 or more seed kits, we advise on making use of one of the other shipping methods, or combine with another order to save on costs

** Seeds and premixes are packed to order, thus pre-ordering online is essential **

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