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SPECIAL IMPORT 🌟 Nepenthes Macrophylla (Gunung Trusmadi, Borneo) ex Wistuba 📏 6-8cm

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  • Special import from Wistuba - exotic plants
  • Clone:  05
  • Growing conditions:  Highland
  • This is a specimen plant and you will receive the exact plant pictured - images of mature plants and pitchers are for display purposes only and are supplied by ©Wistuba - All rights are reserved
Seller description 
  • Formerly known as Nepenthes edwardsiana ssp. macrophylla, but in species status since 1997
  • Beautiful species, which belongs to the strongly ribbed Nepenthes species. Unique is the long, unusually raised peristome of this species, which contrasts with the light inside of the pitcher.  The cup-shaped pitchers are mostly red or orange, the peristome often red, more rarely orange
  • The natural hybrid N. x trusmadiensis, which consists of N. lowii and N. macrophylla, is particularly well known
  • "Macrophylla" refers to the large leaves of this species.  It is found sympatric with N. lowii at 2200-2640 m.a.s.l. on Mt. Trusmadi
  • Unique, mostly vigorous species with impressive peristome!

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