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SUNDEW: Drosera aff. Lanata (Petiolaris Complex)

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Drosera aff Lanata loc Flying Fox Creek, Australia 

  • Species: Drosera
  • Drosera aff Lanata belongs to the woolly sundew (petiolaris complex) family
  • Woolly sundews are native to areas of Australia where it is hot and humid in summer and hot and drier in winter
  • This plant is a rare sundew with a semi upright growing habit and grey, hairy petioles .  Each petiole is rounded off with a dark maroon spathulate tip covered sticky tentacles
  • Even though these wooly sundews can adapt to outdoor conditions during summer, plants in the petiolaris complex are not easy beginner plants, and would benefit from bright artificial light and thrive in a controlled terrarium setting
  • Petiolaris Complex sundews are rare in cultivation and will be a fantastic addition to the ultimate connoisseur collection - highly recommended for the more experienced sundew grower - Only available while stocks last!!
  • Cultivo is all about choices and our plants are available in various sizes to suit your every need.  These are medium to near-flowering size plants with very fragile roots and do not transplant well.  For this reason they will be sent already potted in our deluxe carnivorous plant soil. Simply unwrap, water and enjoy! 
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    Carnivorous sundews * Packaging and Shipping procedure * How will you receive your plant?

    HomescreenAll Drosera - Shop by Category - Cultivo Carnivores
    • General care includes low-mineral water via the tray method and bright light (but with protection from full midday sun) - Let the tray dry slightly between waterings
    • Woolly sundews prefer hot and humid conditions year round and would thrive in a controlled terrarium setting with bright artificial light
    • Petiolaris complex sundews do not need a dormancy period, but will enter a dormancy state if conditions are unfavourable
    • Highly recommended for the more experienced carnivorous plant grower's ultimate collection
    • Flowering requires a lot of energy and might cause your plant to lose it's dew
      • Cut flower stalks when they emerge for a healthier, dewy plant

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            HomescreenAll Drosera - Shop by Category - Cultivo Carnivores

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            Lynn Futter
            Drosera aff. Lanata (Petiolaris Complex)

            A stunning little beauty - one of those that is so different from the other Drosera's that we can readily get in SA. Wonderful plant, wonderful service. Cultivo Carnivores you are the best!

            Marike Van Zyl

            Beautiful plant. Very woolly.

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