BUTTERWORTS (Pinguicula)

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Bug-munching mini's Pinguicula with ID * Buy butterworts and other carnivorous plants online @ Cultivo Carnivores, South Africa
Starter plant 1-2cm (Winter bud)Starter plant 1-2cmStarter plant 1-2cm (Winter rosette)

Pinguicula, commonly known as the Butterworts, is a genus of carnivorous plants that use sticky, glandular leaves to lure, trap, and digest insects in order to supplement the poor mineral nutrition they obtain from the environment and soil

These plants are the ultimate muggie magnet and fantastic at catching fungus gnats and other small flying insects

Mexican butterworts are some of the easiest carnivorous plants to grow and perfect for a north-facing windowsill, semi-shade spot outdoors, terrariums and paludariums.Β  Great for beginners!

Growing season for most mexican butterworts is November to May, after which the carnivorous leaves are replaced by tiny leaves in a tight rosette.Β  Mature plants grown in a natural setting usually start flowering late winter to early spring followed by the larger carnivorous leaves in summertime