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Literature - Growing Carnivorous Plants by Barry A. Rice for sale | Buy carnivorous plants and seeds online @ South Africa's leading online plant nursery, Cultivo Carnivores

Literature - Growing Carnivorous Plants by Barry A. Rice

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For centuries, carnivorous plants have carried an air of fascination and mystique unparalleled in the plant world.

Growing Carnivorous Plants is a comprehensive guide to identifying and cultivating these remarkable plants. From the well-known Venus flytrap to obscure African sundews, from the giant pitcher plant vines of Borneo to  the microscopic bladderworts of Florida, more than 200 species, hybrids and cultivars from all genera of carnivorous plants are described.

Included are explanations of the fascinating and diverse mechanisms the plants use to trap their victims.

Imitating a plant's natural environment is the key to success in growing carnivorous plants, and this book will help readers select the best plants to grow on a windowsill, in a terrarium or greenhouse. Information on how to feed carnivorous plants will enable even the most squeamish grower to ensure that plants receive the nutrients they require.

The book's 400 photographs include both spectacular images from the wild and lovely plants in cultivation

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