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COCO HUSK CHIPS * Buffered * 10-25mm

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  • Coco husk is a highly sustainable, ecological substrate made from coconut shells  
  • Highly popular amongst orchid growers and those in the carnivorous plant world, coconut fiber husk-chips can withstand weather changes and break down at a more measured and even rate than other bark chips
  • Coco husk chips serve as an excellent growing media for orchids and tropical pitcher plants due to its excellent drainage and water retaining properties. 
  • This product can be used either on its own or mixed with course perlite to suit your growing conditions
  • Coco husk chips also have many other uses, ie. raising humidity in reptile terrariums, paludariums, hydroponics, aquaponics and other conventional growing systems
  • Available in 375ml bags (500ml expanded volume) which will fill a standard 10 x 10 cm planter with a little extra
  • With an initial TDS value of 100-130ppm, a further triple rinse is always recommended for use in sensitive carnivorous plants

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