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LONG FIBER SPHAGNUM MOSS: Chile * 80g dry volume (makes ± 2 litres)

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    • Long fiber sphagnum is a light, fluffy moss - a perfect acidic medium either alone or as an ingredient for carnivorous plants and orchids
    • On offer is 80g dry volume Chilean sphagnum moss. When rehydrated and expanded volume will make 2 liters moss perfect for repotting orchids and carnivorous plants
    • We mainly use long fiber sphagnum moss on its own for windowsill and greenhouse condition plants - in particular to repot tropical pitcher plants, cephalotus, sun pitchers, cobra lilies, venus flytraps, sundews, tropical butterworts and some bladderworts with excellent results
    • Long fiber sphagnum moss is also used as an ingredient in many of our carnivorous plant PROmixes and will be an excellent medium for starting out your seeds - helping create a light open mix with excellent water retaining properties
    • If you are an orchid grower this is well worth trying and is very popular with orchid growers around the world. For Sun Pitchers and Cobra Lilies on the carnivore side and Disa orchids and other moisture loving orchids, mix with equal quantities of perlite for drainage
    • Store in a cool and dry place until use


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LONG FIBER SPHAGNUM MOSS: Chile * 80g dry volume (makes 2 litres)

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