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SENSITIVE PLANT: Mimosa Pudica (Touch me not)

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Touch me if you dare! 

  • The sensitive plant, also known as the Touch-me-not, is a peculiar shrub and is native to Brazil
  • Available October to April, these are perennial, summer-growing garden plants often grown for its curiosity value
    • The compound leaves fold inward and droop when touched or shaken, defending themselves from harm, and re-open a few minutes later
  • These are well established, mature (near-flowering size) plants cut back to ±10-15cm for bushier growth and are sold potted (12cm pots)





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        • These plants are not only sensitive to touch but also sensitive to root disturbance😜 , therefor they will be sent already potted - packed and protected to minimise damage from carriers






      • The sensitive plant can be grown in a semi-shade spot outside or sunny windowsill with a minimum of 4-6 hours direct morning sun. The more direct sunlight, the better
      • Water every other day to ensure soil stays moist without letting it dry completely or leaving your plant with wet feet for extended periods of time to prevent rot
      • Plants can be grown in a 12cm pot in an equal ratio mixture of compost and potting soil with perlite or silica sand added for drainage. Take care when repotting - they are very sensitive to root disturbance
      • These are Semi-tropical plants and do not handle frost well. Protect during wintertime and watch them take off again during springtime
      • Bushier plants last longer - cut back growth tips when the plant is around 10-15cm for a bushier plant and fertilise with a nitrogen-rich fertiliser once a month during summer for optimal growth
      • The soil may be covered with spanish-, irish- or green forest moss to maintain humidity. Note that this moss is used as a soil conditioner for tropical plants and is heavily fertilised. It is not live sphagnum moss and not suitable for carnivorous plants




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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 20 reviews
      Philippa McLachlan

      I absolutely love all my carnivorous plants. They are utterly amazing and beautiful.
      Thank you for touch me not. It's stunning.

      To my surprise..

      40 years ago my mom had a 'Touch me not' growing outside the front door. It was absolutely huge! I was about 3yrs old at the time. I'd ask my mom to open the front door so I could touch the leaves and watch them 'go to sleep'.
      Getting a Mimosa Pudica (Touch me not) has brought back so many memories. Thank you! ❤️❤️

      Rosa Faurie
      touch me not

      Dit is die wonderlikste plant wat ek nog gehad het. Dit is lekker om dit dop te hou wanneer die blaartjies begin toe gaan en begin hang wanneer dit donker word en more om te sien hoe blaartjies weer begin lewe kry dit is so amazing

      Nadia Smit
      Touch me Not plants are Amazing!!!

      It is truly the most beautiful plant, so intricate, delicate and just absolutely stunning!! Bought one as a gift for my Mom, will definitely be back for one or two of my own!!

      Andrè Immelman
      Outstanding service!

      Immediate execution, fast delivery and careful attention to detail - very nicely done!

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